Remedies for Ketu ( केतु )

KETU (south node of the Moon) governs ascetics, detachment, headless...

Remedies for Rāhu ( राहू )

RAHU (north node of the Moon) governs foreign culture, foreign...

Remedies for Saturn or Shani ( शनि )

Saturn governs hard work, perseverance, slowness, cold, Vata energy, darkness.

Remedies for Venus or Shukra ( शुक्र )

Venus governs procreation, self (for women), gourmet food, luxury, enjoyment,...

Remedies for Jupiter or Guru ( गुरु )

Jupiter governs space, expansion, children, joy, optimism, rituals, wisdom, Gurus,...

Remedies for Mercury or Budha ( बुद्ध )

Mercury governs communication, business, sense of humor, diplomacy, skills.

Remedies for Mars or Mangal ( मङ्गल )

Mars governs action, anger, energy in the moment, accidents, protection.