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Learn Vedic Astrology

Namaste! It gives me immense joy to share this ancient wisdom through my courses. Vedic Astrology gives us tools needed to establish a deeper connection with the Universe. My courses will empower you to discover yourself and then you can help other people discover themselves. I make astrology simple. I make astrology practicle. I make it fun and accessible. Come join me on this profound life-changing journey.

Why Learn Astrology

Better Decision-Making

Astrology offers direction, whether it be for important life events, romantic relationships, or job choices.

Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness

Astrology can provide insights into one's personality, strengths, and potential challenges, which can lead to self-realization.

Become a Coach, Teacher, Counselor

Be a life Coach, a Counselor, a Teacher and change other people’s lives. Carry on this lineage and get rid of your Karmic debt

Practical Applications in All Areas of Life

Astrology helps us connect with the Universe. From finding auspicious time for beginning important things in our life to finding the right partner (relationship compatibility) to discovering our purpose of life, Astrology has a place in all areas of our lives

Courses Offered


If you answered YES to any of this, then you are ready to join our courses today!

Why Learn with Amit?

Understand the meaning and purpose of Astrology

Learn by analyzing charts of famous personalities

Understand your own Karmic patterns, your Strengths and Weaknesses

There is no course like this out there – SIMPLE, DEEP, PRACTICAL

Start practicing Astrology and help other people understand their Karma

Establish a deep esoteric connection with the Grahas (planets) and Nakshatras

Learn chart interpretation through mesmerizing mythological stories

Learn how to use various types of remedies for 9 Planets and 12 Houses (areas of life)

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