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Astrology Readings

Natal Chart Reading

Gain insights into your life’s dynamics, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Walk away with clarity and potent remedies tailored to you.

Relationship Compatibility

Discover the secrets of your relationship. Dive deep into compatibility and find solutions to strengthen your bond. Receive astrological remedies for a harmonious partnership.

Birth Time Rectification

Discover your accurate birth time for precise readings. If you’re unsure of your birth time, I’ll help rectify it through a series of questions, ensuring your natal chart reflects your true self.

Muhurata - Auspicious Time

Start your endeavors at the right time. Based on your natal chart, I’ll determine auspicious timings for important activities like buying a car, starting a job, or embarking on a journey.

One Question via Email

Seek quick answers to burning queries. Email me your yes or no question along with your birth details, and receive a response within 3 days. Get clarity and guidance right in your inbox.

Gift Certificate

Give the gift of insight to your loved ones. They can redeem a 1-hour reading for any service – Natal Chart, Relationship Compatibility, Muhurata, or Birth Time Rectification.

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Why Astrology Consultation?


Ever felt like life’s twists and turns are beyond your control? Well, you’re not alone. Enter the fascinating world of astrology, where I believe that nobody escapes the consequences of their actions—what we call Karma. Think of it as a cosmic GPS, mapping out your karmic journey through life.

Using Vedic Astrology, I decipher your unique Karmic Map—the natal chart—that unveils insights into your past life Karma and what it means for your present journey. It’s like peeking into the cosmic playbook, where the planets serve as messengers delivering your karmic results.

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Vedic Birth Chart

Your cosmic blueprint

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    Unlock the secrets of the stars and planets with our free astrology course!

    Our foundational courses are perfect for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Dive into the fascinating study of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of how celestial bodies influence our lives and personalities. Our comprehensive course covers everything from the basics of zodiac signs and birth charts to advanced techniques in interpreting astrological symbols. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge or begin your journey as an astrologer, our free jyotish foundational  courses provides the foundation you need.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Yes, I provide various types of one-on-one private consultations. Please check out the Consultations page.

    Yes you will receive a Video recording of the consultation the same day that you can download.

    I follow the Sidereal zodiac. This is different from Western (Tropical) zodiac. Sidereal zodiac is Observable, Real and Accurate representation of planets in constellations.


    You can join 9-week Nakshatras course starting on April 17 as well as 24-week Level 1 Course starting on May 9th. These courses cover different topics, you can join both at the same time. You can also download pre-recorded Module 1 anytime.


    My courses are easy to understand. My philosophy is that if you cannot explain something to a 5 year old child, then you do not know enough about the subject. My presentations and slides are very clear and visually very interesting and full of useful information.


    Yes, even the most experienced astrologer will learn a few new concepts. I combine Parashari and Bhrigu Nandi Nadi techniques which work based on my 15 years of practicing astrology.


    Yes. Send us an email and we will figure out.

    I do not sell any expensive products such as gemstones.

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