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What is it like to get a
Vedic Astrology Reading from Amit?







Does the reading give you a clear ACTION PLAN and REMEDIES for next 12 months?


Zodiac Chart
  • Vedic Astrology reveals your KARMIC MAP, showing us the Karmic results we can expect in this life.

  • Astrology Readings guide self-discovery, understanding DHARMA, life purpose, opportunities, challenges, and the timing of events.

  • Gain insights into all areas of life, including career, relationships, finances, and children, covering the past, present, and future.

  • Transits overview offers insights into the effects of planetary movements in the next 1 to 2 years.

  • Answers to specific questions about career, business, settling abroad, job prospects, marriage, children, finances, and compatibility.

  • Practical, customized ASTROLOGICAL REMEDIES are provided to bring harmony and elevate consciousness.

  • Ultimately, a Vedic Astrology Reading establishes a deeper CONNECTION with the Universe.

Why Astrology Consultation?

No one can escape the results of their Karma. Karma is all the actions we do - physical actions as well as our thoughts and emotions and feelings that we have. The Vedic Astrology natal chart is our Karmic Map that shows our Karmic Journey. It tells us what results we may expect in this lifetime based on our past life Karma. These karmic results are delivered to us by the Planets. Jyotiṣa is the study of the movements of the planets in various solar constellations (signs), lunar constellations (Nakshatras) and houses (bhāvās).  It is one of the six disciplines of the Vedas (known as Vedānga) and offers an understanding of the effects of the subtle powers of the universe. In my Vedic Astrology Readings, we will decode your birth chart to understand what Planetary / Astrological Remedies you can do to receive the highest blessings of the Planets and get rid of your Karmic debt. That is the purpose of Vedic Astrology and that is the purpose of Vedic Astrology Consultation or Reading. The Reading gives you customized Astrological Remedies for various periods of life to elevate your consciousness.

Astrology Readings are of 1 hour duration and are conducted over Zoom. You will get a video recording after the Reading. Click here to see various types of Astrology Readings available and how to book a session.

Meet Amit, Jyotish Āchārya

15 years experience practicing Astrology

Amit is a practitioner of Parāshari and Bhrigu Nandi Nādi astrology and co-author of book “Yoga & Jyotish” (available on Amazon). Amit offers Astrology Consultations, teaches live online Astrology Courses, and conducts in-person Astrology workshops at Yoga studios all over the US. Amit is a story teller, he uses a lot of mythology in all his teachings. Amit is passionate about sharing Jyotish insights on his popular Youtube channel, on Instagram and through his Blog. Amit’s goal is to make the eternal wisdom of Vedic sciences accessible in this day and age in plain simple language.

Offerings & Specialties:

  • Consultations on all areas of life: Life Purpose, Finances, Career, Children, Marriage, Love

  • Muhurata (Auspicious time selection)

  • Birth Time Rectification (if you do not know your exact birth time)

  • Amit specializes in making astrology simple and practical.

  • 100s of satisfied clients all over the USA


Amit has a B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from IIT Kharagpur (India) and MBA from University of North Carolina (USA).

 Amit astrologer

Vedic Astrology Readings

Learn Vedic

I offer very practical and comprehensive courses in Vedic Astrology. Learning Jyotish is a journey on self-discovery. I teach a combination of traditional Parashari Jyotish and Bhrigu Nandi Nadi concepts.


We learn by analyzing charts of famous personalities. There is no course like this out there – SIMPLE, DEEP, PRACTICAL. Course slides are immaculately designed with depth of information presented in a very easy to understand format and simple language.

You can join weekly LIVE zoom classes. 1) 9-week Module on Nakshatras starts April 17. 2) Full Comprehensive in-depth 24-week Level 1 course starts May 9. You can also purchase pre-recorded Foundations Module 1.


My interview with Amy Wheeler, founder of Optimal State Yoga Therapy Training School. We discussed the benefits of Jyotish when paired with Yoga Therapy and some background on Jyotish.  Watch Below


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